Laser smoke damage removal

Project Laser can selectively and precisely remove soot from all hard substrates and even carpet if it was required
By utilising the trained operators of Project Laser we can selectively and very precisely remove smoke damage from soot covered assets and structures in commercial and residential settings.

By eliminating water and chemicals you can ensure that surrounding areas are not damaged, meaning we can conduct cleaning in sensitive environments and without having to remove furniture, bund up areas or worry about overspray

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Laser cleaning is incredibly efficient at removing smoke damage. It can clean large areas quickly and effectively, making it the ideal choice for all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Non Evasive

Unlike traditional cleaning methods that can damage the surface of soft porous stone or age-rammed earth structures being cleaned, laser cleaning is non-invasive using only infrared light.
We don't use any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could cause further damage.

Environmentally Friendly

Laser cleaning is an environmentally-friendly solution as it doesn't produce any harmful chemicals or waste. It's a safe and sustainable choice for smoke damage removal in all environments.

Precise cleaning

Laser cleaning is incredibly precise, allowing you to target specific areas of smoke damage without affecting the surrounding material.

Benefits of laser for smoke removal

Smoke damage can be removed selectively and precisely from bricks, paving, painted surfaces, wooden and steel beams as well as from ornate and decorative pieces.

Insurance builders, councils, major loss builders can all make use of the highly effective and dry laser removal technology for fast and non-contact removal of soot

Laser cleaning is carried out in situ without imparting or damaging the underlying substrate, the unique benefits of pulsed lasers mean that all solid surfaces can effectively be cleaned without using soda or dry ice blasting, nor any chemicals or water.



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Scopes of work

Selectively and deeply clean smoke damage and layers of soot, plastic and other thin debris from all hard surfaces

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