Are you interested in laser cleaning technology?

4Jet group manufacture the highest quality German laser systems using European and American components.

If buying a laser cleaning machine is what you are looking for, then 4Jet will have the suiatable mobile laser cleaning machine for your enterprise.


  • Low overheads
  • Small footprint
  • No ongoing consumables
  • Rugged construction

Project Laser are proud to be the Australasian agents for 4Jet, Built with a rugged frame and a handpiece that has been tested around Australian facilities and workshops you can be confident that the system is built to last for 50,000-100,000 hours.

Selling our continuous wave laser

Project Laser is selling our 2000W contnuous wave laser as we are upgrading to a bigger laser.

The machine has been used for under 30 hours, with countless spare focal and sacrificial lenses.
Powerful laser cleaning machine that can assist with various laser corrosion and paint removal activities.

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Benefits of laser cleaning
What are the unique benefits?

Laser cleaning is a precise and non-destructive cleaning method that has environmental benefits over traditional blasting or chemicals.

Our lasers remove the surface residue or contamination, leaving the underlying service undamaged

Reduced environmental impact by eliminating chemical and abrasive uses, laser cleaning is the only cleaning method that reduces the volume of waste material.

Project Laser will bring the solution to you.
Reduce costs associated with shipping components to blast facilities.

Lasers can clean thin residues and contaminant layers from most hard surfaces, such as steel, alloys, copper, masonry and tiles and wood

Looking to enter the laser cleaning industry?

We have created the complete laser cleaning guide

The complete laser cleaning guide is almost 50 pages of invaluable information for anyone looking to supercharge their existing business or to help with setting up a future business.

  • Dozens of pages of industry-specific applications
  • Difference between Gaussian beam and Top hat
  • Helping choose what auxiliary equipment you will need
Built for automation

4Jet are specialists in automating laser systems, with their proprietary process SCANYWHERE

Ergonomic Handpiece

The handpiece is ergonomic and incredibly comfortable over long period, top handle offers impressive range of motion

Mobile Service Ready

Hyper mobile laser cleaning machines, typical German engineering offering a robust and rugged system

Australian Tested

Tested down the bumpiest roads, and various weather conditions over 3 years in Western Australia

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