Large soot removal scope at University of WA

Excellent soot removal

Laser Cleaning at the University of Western Australia


In July 2023, a fire at the University of Western Australia (UWA) maintenance shed led to heavy soot contamination. Project Laser was called upon for this task, and it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our exceptional laser cleaning technology.


The primary goal was to remove the soot without impacting the ongoing activities at an active university. Our team felt confident in our ability to handle this significant cleaning task while achieving high safety and efficacy standards.


Technology Used

Laser cleaning was an obvious choice for its superior ability to restore facades. This non-abrasive and eco-friendly technique effectively removes contaminants such as soot without harming the underlying surface.

Before After

Approach to the scope

We knew that working in an active educational environment would present unique logistical challenges. However, we felt confident in our meticulous planning and commitment to safety and efficiency.

1. Safety Enclosure:
To ensure safety, we constructed a custom-made enclosure made of scaffolding and Ezi walls, with thick white plastic. This allowed our team to work confidently without drastically limiting access to essential areas.

2. Spotters Deployment:
We strategically placed spotters around the work site to manage laser safety and ensure consistent access for students and staff to various classes. This human-centric approach prioritized safety without compromising accessibility.

3. Insurance Assessments:
Our on-site insurance assesors, who were new to laser cleaning, were astonished by the impressive results.


The project was successfully completed with the following outcomes:

1. Exceptional Cleaning:
We restored the concrete surfaces to their original condition, meticulously removing all soot. Our assessors were impressed with the quality of the cleaning.

2. Spotless Worksite:
Our commitment to cleanliness extended beyond the facade. We kept the work site immaculate throughout the process and left it spotless upon completion.

3. Minimal Disruption:
Despite the significant cleaning task, the university’s daily activities continued with minimal disruptions. Our improvised enclosure and careful planning ensured that students, teachers, and contractors experienced minimal inconvenience.


Project Laser’s intervention at the University of Western Australia exemplifies laser cleaning’s potential. The project showcased our ability to achieve remarkable results while maintaining safety and minimizing disruption in complex and active environments.

The success of this project not only enhanced the university’s premises’ aesthetics but also set a new standard in professional and responsible cleaning.


For more information on how laser cleaning can transform your space, please visit our website or get in touch with our expert team at contact@projectlaser.com

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