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14 day major shut

Project Laser took the lead in conducting a comprehensive cleaning operation on two pressure vessels during a pivotal shutdown period for a chemical manufacturer located within the Kwinana Industrial Complex. Following our impeccable performance over the initial 48 hours, the client requested our expertise for the entirety of the 14-day comprehensive shutdown.

Our adept laser cleaning specialists were assigned the responsibility of thoroughly cleaning several pressure vessels and tube sheets, in addition to eradicating corrosion under insulation.

In an innovative move, we provided extensive training to two rope access technicians who had no prior experience with laser cleaning. This strategic move facilitated laser cleaning within two vertical pressure vessels, thereby bypassing the requirement for scaffolding installation and averting potential contamination risks associated with using blast media.


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Advantages of Leveraging Laser Cleaning for NDT Surface Preparation

Laser cleaning employs infrared light to obliterate contaminants like corrosion, paint, and other residues from your assets. The infrared light penetrates crevices and evaporates the contamination, significantly enhancing the visibility of defects. This, in turn, simplifies detection and mitigates the probability of erroneous results during magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing.


Project Laser collaborates with NATA-accredited NDT service providers to deliver a comprehensive suite of NDT preparation and inspection services.


We encourage you to consider Project Laser ahead of your next major shutdown or scheduled asset and equipment inspections.

Project Laser works with NATA-accredited NDT service providers to offer a full service of NDT prep and NDT inspections.

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