Laser cleaning precision surfaces

The Future of Rotating Equipment, precision surface and fixed plant maintenance

Cleaning precision surfaces such as power generation turbines, gears, pinions, and other fixed plant is no easy feat. Traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and even harmful to delicate surfaces.
That’s where non-destructive laser cleaning technology comes in. The laser’s energy is carefully targeted to remove contaminants such as rust, oil, grease, black jack, magnetite, and other thin surface residues.

Pinion cleaning

Non destructive

  • Non-destructive and Abrasive-free: Unlike traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning does not use abrasive materials that can damage equipment surfaces or leave harmful debris.
    Instead, This precision ensures that your equipment is cleaned without any damage, making it an ideal solution for bearing journals, turbine casings, and mating surfaces.


We come to you

Mobile Service: Our laser cleaning services come to you, which can save you thousands of dollars in crane rentals and transportation costs. Our team of experienced technicians can clean your equipment on-site, minimizing downtime and getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

Precise cleaning

With non-destructive laser cleaning technology, you can unlock the full potential of your rotating equipment. Our laser cleaning services are quick, efficient, and precise, allowing you to maintain your equipment without sacrificing productivity or safety.

Precision component cleaning

Laser cleaning turbine

Lasers suit light levels of surface corrosion, scale can be removed with manual tools prior to using the laser as a final surface preparation technique..

Revitalise equipment, tooling and machinery with our mobile laser rust removal service. The clean surface will be free of corrosion and can be treated, primed, painted

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