Surface preparation for NDT during shutdowns, scheduled inspections of plant, equipment and assets can all benefit from the precise and deep cleaning that laser cleaning offers

Laser cleaning does not cause smearing, folding or any other surface change to the substrate, the surface contamination is vaporsied and particulates from within defects is removed, leaving the surface in an ideal condition for dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

Project Laser can selectively and precisely remove  surface corrosion, paint, soot, oil, grease and most other thin layers of surface contamination prior to NDT inspection


Tube sheets

Before Laser cleaning

Barely visible defects, increased chance of false or detrimental readings

After laser cleaning

The laser is able to penetrate into cracks, removing surface debris, thus enhancing the visibility of all cracks and defects

Benefits of laser cleaning for NDT surface prep

Our laser cleaning service has revolutionized NDT validation plate cleaning as well as NDT surface prep during shutdowns and scheduled NDT. With our technology, barely visible defects are now easily detectable, and fewer false readings occur.

Unlike sandblasting, laser cleaning does not smear the surface or conceal the defect. Our lasers are able to penetrate into cracks and remove surface debris, enhancing the visibility of all cracks and defects.

It’s no wonder why NDT technicians love using our laser-cleaning surfaces.

Improved visibility

As shown above, laser cleaning greatly improves the visibility of cracks and defects.
This is why we are trusted by NDT training centres.

No smearing

Grinding and blasting can potentially conceal a defect, lasers are able to vaporise contaminants from within defects without bending the edges

Precise cleaning

Laser cleaning is highly precise and programable, meaning we only remove corrosion or residue from where you require it. 
Hoses, cables, gauges can all be protected as there is no overspray. 

Most assets that require NDT surface prep can benefit from laser cleaning.
Our lasers are mobile and have rigging points to enable them to be lifted into place.

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