Project Laser can selectively and precisely remove coatings and residues from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, masonry and more. Laser cleaning for the removal of coatings eliminates the use of abrasives and chemicals making it a good solution for localised coating removal onsite and in situ. potentially eliminating costly encapsulation and disposal of blast media.

Some of the coatings that can be selectively removed with laser technology include:

  • Anti corrosion coatings
  • Lead based paint
  • Protective layers
  • High build epoxy
  • Paint
  • Anodizing
  • Phosphate coatings 

Paint removal

Phosphate coating

By vaporising coatings you can reduce the volume of the coating by 75%,  this is on top of eliminating abrasives and chemicals

Laser removal of coatings is an ideal solution for toxic coatings as the disposal costs are minimal. Laser cleaning can greatly reduce the requirement for encapsulation as we operate a high-quality extraction system.

Reduce waste &
save on encapsulation

Low Dust

By vaporising the surface layer, laser cleaning reduces the volume of waste, which is a unique benefit over any other cleaning method.

Non-contact cleaning

Non all lasers are non-contact- the systems we operate are designed not to damage, profile, etch the underlying surface. Making it an ideal option for cleaning precision components and soft metals

Precise cleaning

Laser cleaning is highly precise and programable, meaning we only remove corrosion or residue from where you require it. 
Hoses, cables, gauges can all be protected as there is no overspray. 

some examples

Coating removal

We can assist with the removal of most thin coatings leaving the underlying surface free of all residues, in doing so we reduce the reliance on abrasives and chemicals that can harm the environment and user.

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